pyFDA — Digital Filter Design

Analytical tool to design Discrete-time Digital Filter

pyFDA tool. Image Credit: pyFDA

“Teachers can open the door, but you must enter it yourself.” — Chinese proverb

Python Filter Design Analysis Tool

pyFDA supports the following features:

#1 Filter design

  • Design…

Cleanup Python Code

Decluttering doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process — and often, one that requires equal parts motivation and inspiration

Python Program


Slow-Motion Debug

VS Code extension for debugging code in slow-motion

Slowbug. Image Credit: Slowbug Marketplace


The perfect tool to jumpstart your next machine learning project!

Screenshot of Traingenerator

Traingenerator is a web app to generate template code for machine learning

4-Bit Computing

Powerful neural networks can be trained on smaller devices with faster speeds and less energy.

Bit needs Energy

Debugging Python Code

Cyberbrain Debugging. Image Credit: Cyberbrain
  • Backtrace variable changes.
  • See every state of program execution, including variables’ values
  • Debug loops with confidence.

Analyze, Explain, Predict, Working of Machine Learning Models

Python Package to Quickly build an interactive dashboard that explains the inner workings of a fitted machine learning model.

Explainer Dashboard


VS Code is the most used and favorite IDE for many programmers

Vs Code Editor : VsCode GitHub

Format Modified Text

Calm Technology, human-centered design, social design, and anthropology

Calm Technology, a method of smoothly capturing a user’s attention only when necessary, while calmly remaining in the background most of the time.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Dear PyGui

Bloat-free Graphical User Interface for Python with minimal dependencies. DearPyGui is an all-included GUI framework, DearPyGui is as simple as creating a python script.

DearPyGui. Image Credit: DearPyGui GitHub


Explore to understand. “One should use information and logic as a drunkard would use a lamp post – only for support, not for illumination.-Sadhguru”

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